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Driftless Upon the Abyss

After posting a few articles with a Gnostic bent of late, I had been mulling over some of the words I’d been using such as Godhead, Abyss, and Deity. I confuse myself (often) by using some words interchangeably; to correct this issue, I have decided to publish an update on my working hypothesis of fiction reflecting my research over the past few years.

Again, this is a hypothesis that is a) fictional and b) in progress, so things are more than likely to change as this blog continues.  And please remember, this is “fictional,” if you decide to leave comments below.  I don’t pretend to know anything more than anyone else, and none of this is original -it’s more a mish mash of other bits of data I’ve accumulated over time.  So, without further ado:
I. The Pleroma
The Pleroma exists beyond human comprehensionThe Pleroma is everything and nothingThe Pleroma is “the state of completeness in contrast to deficiency, or of the fullness of real existence in contrast to the empty void and unreali…

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