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To Awaken the Marvel Knights

The power of a word…it’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? The English language is filled with unassuming words we use day over day, week over week, and year over year. Words seem simple enough, yet words are a very curious thing. When one looks into the etymology of a simple common word we use, the proverbial rabbit hole begins to open wider and grow deeper, and one begins the descent into madness. At least for me. For example, last year I reviewed the word “paradise.” Paradise, for example, is an easy enough word for us English speakers. When we hear the word “paradise,” each one of us has a thought, vision, or symbol attached to it; we then project this idea on to the context that the word used. “Wouldn’t it be nice to live in paradise?” Or “can I move to Paradise with my 21 Litecoins?” conjures up imagery that equates to bliss. Yet paradise isn’t quite that modest; if one looks at that words origin, we see the idea of the word relating to “around” a “heap;” a place heaped around a for…

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