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The Color of Time in the Cube

Do you ever have one of those nights where you have one of those crazy dreams that you think revealed something of value? Yet you can’t recall most of it the following day?

I get those types of dreams once in a while, and I usually recall being enthralled in the dream, think “wow, this is pretty crazy,” and then wake up not remembering the details. This happens to me from time to time, and it is frustrating. I’ll hear “unreleased/new” Beatles’ songs/albums, or watch movies with great twists, read the occasional comic book that makes you go “wow, that was insane,” or even dream I’m reading an original thought in someone else’s book. Such was a dream last week for me. Finding a Rare Jacques Vallee Book in Dreamland
Last week's dream was set up as such: I am in bed, looking at books on my night stand, trying to find something new to read, and find an old Vallee book that I picked up at a used book store. It’s in terrible condition, however, and is an old, thin paperback book. It …

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