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Carnage's Abysm

Or a subtitle : Donny Cates is obsessed with the word abyss. Why do I think such a thing? The word abyss was used no less than 9 times in his Web of Venom : Carnage Reborn #1. That is quite a bit, and trust me, I know, as the word abyss has always been a word that catches my eye. When it’s used, I tend to notice. That being said, what do you think of the word abyss? My initial thoughts, years ago, would be that of gigantic mountain crevice, or a place in the ocean that harbored the might Kraken or even sea monsters. Then of course, there was the movie by James Cameron, which to be honest, I don’t really remember. As time moved on, and I learned of folks like Charles Stansfeld Jones and Marvel Whiteside Parsons, the abyss took on a different meaning. I thought of the word as a construct to depict some type of dimensionless void or gap between whatever the Godhead is and whatever this reality is. It is the separation between the real and the material; the veil that keeps all of us in m…

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