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The Genesis Cipher, or Pi Cipher, from what I can ascertain, is based off of the Book of Genesis, Chapter I. Researcher Marty Leeds has spoken to this key of gematria many times in his work, and correlates it to the following progression of numbers, letters, and Biblical text (I paraphrase, of course…):

I. In the beginning, Deity, or in this case the deity ELOHIM or ALHIM (or π, as previously discussed here), said “Let there be Light,” and then divided the light from the darkness and called light day and darkness night = Day One = 1 = Letter A
II.  Then God created the firmament to separate the waters = Day Two = 2 = Letter B
III. Then God created the Earth, the seas, fruit, seeds, vegetation, etc. etc = Day Three = 3 =Letter C
IV. Then God created the various lights in the sky, or upon the screen of the firmament = Day Four = 4 = Letter D
V. Then God created sea creatures and birds = Day Five = 5 = Letter E
VI. Then God creates land creatures, beasts…

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