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On A Starry Night

Speaking more to dreams, and more specifically to my own, another dream I’ve been thinking about quite a lot recently is a recurring dream I’ve had since a child. With the assistance of my trusty Microsoft Excel, the sequence of dreams images is typically as such:

I’m standing outside, during the evening hours, and looking upon a clear night sky

I can see the stars in the night sky; they are very beautiful and stunning and I’m relaxed, free of stress, and calm:

I continue to look at the stars, and they begin to move:

Multiple stars in a unique part of the sky begin to zigzag, getting closer and closer to me; the other stars remain fixed:

My sense of peace and relaxation is now gone; dread is beginning to wash over me. My thought is always “oh no, they are alien spacecraft and they are coming to abduct me.” 

I get dizzy as I watch the stars draw closer and closer to me and finally I usually wake up in a panic.

That’s the basic premise; I’ve probably had this dream at least 20-30 tim…

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